Employee Benefits

Hard-working team members deserve opportunities for advancement and rewarding benefits. F.I.T. is committed to supporting its employees in all avenues, including competitive health insurance plans, financial benefits and creating an environment that advocates work-life balance.


F.I.T. is proud to provide its associates with one of the area’s premier health insurance packages. Our company strives to minimize your out-of-pocket costs, sharing the premium cost of coverage with our employees and rewarding tobacco-free lifestyles. Additionally, F.I.T. currently provides dental and vision care benefits, picking up the full amount of the premium cost of coverage.


F.I.T. is invested in your long-term financial health while employed and after you retire. A Simple IRA is provided for employees to contribute pre-tax dollars from their income. F.I.T. matches the associate’s contributions up to the legal maximum of 3% of pay per year.

Work-Life Balance

At F.I.T, we value our work family and their dedication. Everyone on our team receives paid holidays and paid time off from their start date. In special circumstances, such as jury duty or bereavement, F.I.T approves leave on a case-by-case basis. We also host family-focused events, like our annual family picnic.

Continued Education

We encourage the continued growth of our team members with initiatives like on-site training, outside programs and trade schools. If F.I.T employees are interested in advancement or learning a new skill set, we do our best to help them reach their goals.

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