Why Work at F.I.T.?

Why Work at F.I.T.?

Fuserashi International Technology, Inc. (F.I.T. Inc.) is a company dedicated to continuous progress in its markets, at its plant and with its employees. We offer rewarding careers in a state-of-the-art space, with leaders who work with you on your personal and professional growth.

Never resting on our laurels, our team invests in both innovative machines and in our employees to manufacture the best parts for our customers.

The Evolution of People

Every person who works at F.I.T. is part of a collaborative effort to produce quality parts for our customers. We want our team members to stay with us for their entire careers. And to encourage that level of employee loyalty and longevity, management creates a challenging and rewarding work environment. We invest time and capital in our associates, and help them reach their career goals.

Our operators are cross-trained on no less than 3 machines to give them opportunity to expand their skills and facility experience.

There are many employees that begin at F.I.T. with limited skills, but with hard work and mentoring, they rise through the ranks to team leader and beyond.

Continued Education

We encourage the continued growth of our team members. From leadership and technological training to trade school and traditional universities, when employees have an interest in expanding their knowledge base to better themselves in the workplace, we do our best to help them reach their goals.

Employee-Centric Programs

Empowering employees to take initiative in their workplace and implement their own ideas has strengthened our company and culture. With our 5S/Continuous Improvement program, we encourage associates to submit efficiency, safety, facility and process improvement suggestions.

When an employee has an idea, they submit a form detailing their suggestion. After evaluation by a steering committee, the idea may be implemented with the employee’s assistance. Participating in the process awards employees with points that goes toward quarterly drawing for gift cards and achieving certain benchmarks.

We also have a safety committee and recognition lunches as a thank you for all our associates’ efforts throughout the year.

Live in Medina County

There’s a common misconception that all opportunities in Northeast Ohio are in the downtown areas of Cleveland and Akron. Yet, there are many jobs right here in Medina County. F.I.T. is conveniently located near major state routes and Interstate 71, making for an easy commute. Live and work in a place you love.

F.I.T. is easily accessible from many communities:

* 8 minutes from Brunswick

* 18 minutes from Medina

* 19 minutes from Strongsville

* 35 minutes from Wadsworth

* 40 minutes from downtown Cleveland

* 45 minutes from downtown Akron

State-of-the-Art Facility

For more than two decades, F.I.T. has expanded its capabilities by adding new machinery, growing its workforce and creating physical additions to its facility.

Being at the forefront of innovative means investing in automated technologies that opens doors for new product lines.

Robotic CNCs

Adding robotic Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines to our facility has increased our efficiency, and our staff. Automation is not a threat to our valuable workforce. Instead, it enables our crew to focus on manufacturing quality, safe and defect-free parts.


Home to pot lucks, monthly meetings and general food consumption, our spacious cafeteria benefits everyone at F.I.T.

There is a refrigerator for associates to store food, along with vending machines with options ranging from quick snacks to sandwiches.

Fitness Room

Whether team members want to increase their daily step count, train for a marathon, weight lift, or do some lunchtime yoga, our fitness room helps our staff keep their fitness goals in check. With two treadmills, weight training machines, free weights, indoor bicycles and yoga balls, there is a little bit for everyone. Our entertainment system in the fitness room is complete with surround sound, Netflix and a Wii.

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