Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

F.I.T. strives to ship every part, to every customer, without defect. By putting the emphasis on quality instead of quantity, the company has achieved this feat many times over. In 2016, F.I.T. was honored by one of its biggest automotive industry customers when it shipped 100 million pieces over a three-year period with zero defects or problems.

With a team-oriented environment, we work together to create a culture reliant on quality.

Safety Focus

Creating an atmosphere that is both safe and efficient is a large part of producing quality products. F.I.T. starts its safety initiatives the moment an associate joins our team, by providing them with personal protection equipment (PPE).

With operators ranging in age from 18-65 years old, creating a comfortable space has helped our associates be more productive. Because of this, F.I.T. focuses on work floor ergonomics to continuously streamline & improve our processes for the long-term health and wellness of our associates.

Team Effort

There is a saying “T.E.A.M.: Together Everyone Achieves More.” And no truer words are spoken about our company philosophy. Everyone who works at F.I.T. is a part of the family. From operators to quality to maintenance, each team member’s contribution has made F.I.T. a quality-first manufacturer.

Technological Evolution

F.I.T. continues to add technologies to its production lines to stay ahead of the market. Utilizing automated machinery opens doors for new production lines, increased efficiency and job opportunities. We are consistently searching for talented associates that can evolve along with our manufacturing facility.

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