Our Company Culture

Who We Are, What We Stand For

Working for Fuserashi International Technology Inc. (F.I.T. Inc) is more than punching a timeclock every day. From our parent company’s leadership, Fuserashi Co., Ltd.. to every employee at our Valley City, Ohio facility, we are all part of one team, one family.


Everyone on our team is a valued associate and their family is our family. Our leadership team understands work-life balance. While we have high expectations for production, we also ensure safety and efficiency so employees get quality time at home.

Tools to Succeed

“Taking care of your own” is a policy our parent company instilled in F.I.T. from inception. We ask a lot of our hard-working, team-oriented and safety conscious employees. Their commitment to F.I.T. is reciprocated in our continuous investment in their comfort and success. From uniforms and boots to personal protection equipment (PPE), we provide for our team.

Quality Over Quantity

F.I.T. is known for its defect-free parts. Producing quality parts takes commitment from every person, in every department. When asked how we maintain our quality standards, our answer is always: quality over quantity. Yes, we strive for efficiency in production and turnaround, but not at the risk of precision. By focusing on the quality of what we manufacture, we create high-level, lasting parts for all customers.

Open-Door Policy

Because our operators are on the front line of production, their input is imperative to our company’s success. F.I.T.’s open-door policy encourages employees to walk into any senior executive’s office to discuss issues and opportunities.

In return for their input, we keep all associates informed on company updates, initiatives and processes. One of the ways we do this is by shutting down the facility once a month for a company-wide meeting. Team members from each department share a monthly report so everyone is up-to-date.

5S/Continuous Improvement Program

Having employees that take ownership of their work and ideas is an imperative piece to our company culture. Through our 5S/Continuous Improvement program, team members share process and safety ideas and are actively involved in the implementation process when warranted. Each idea is evaluated and upon approval, employees earn points toward a multi-tiered rewards program. Associates receive one point just for turning in a suggestion.

Career Advancement

Manufacturing is an innovative and exciting career path. As a fast-growing organization, we cross train each operator on no less than 3 machines. Team members become a stronger asset to the company, and gain valuable work experience. At F.I.T., we encourage professional growth. Whether you want to be cross-trained on more machines or rise through the ranks into management, we will work with you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

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