Employee Testimonials

“I appreciate that I feel secure working for such a stable company. I also appreciate that I am able to take care of my family with the benefits that are provided.”
Andy Tochinsky – Team Leader/ Cold Forming (5 years)
“The environment, as well as the amenities that FIT provides, are uncommon to most workplaces and shows me that we are appreciated.”
Jay Reed – Assistant Manager Production Control (1.5 years)
“My favorite thing about working at FIT is my co-workers.”
Aaron Teal – Shipping & Receiving (12 years)
“One thing I admire most about F.I.T, is that they will let people try and learn a new position, as long as they work at it. I have worked here longer than any other job I’ve had in my lifetime, and with luck, I’ll retire from here. The great benefits alone make it worth working as long as you can. Plus, they say time flies when you’re having fun! I want to enjoy my job, if you can’t enjoy your job; it’s just work, and who wants to work all the time?”
Robin Matz – Quality Assurance (17 Years)
“I have been an employee for F.I.T. for over a year and it is so nice to see a group of people who take pride in their work and their customers. I have never worked for a company that acknowledges and rewards their employees for their hard work and dedication as much as this company does.”
Sue Ohler – Accounting (1 year)

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